5 Best Digital Marketing Solution for Online Small Businesses

E-commerce businesses must constantly advertise their products to generate maximum number of online visitors. The more visitors that visit the site, greater will be the sales from the site. The opposite is true in case the website receives little online traffic.

Online small businesses can use various digital marketing solutions to market their business to targeted customers. The online marketing solutions offer small business firms to funnel large amount of visitors towards their sites.

Below are 5 best digital marketing solutions that can help online small businesses in generating qualified leads for their site.

1. Network Ad Campaign

Online small business owners can greatly benefit from the network ad campaign. Through network ad you can market your business in high traffic websites such as Youtube.com, Google Search, Google+, and various other websites.

There are two types of network ad program: PPC (Pay per click) and PPI (Pay per Impression). The former charges you for each clicks made by the user, while the later bills you based on each time the ad shows on the customers screen. There is another networking ad type called Pay per Install (PPI). This network ad is targeted for online app developer firms that host Android or iPhone apps to the users.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another digital marketing solution that small businesses can leverage to market their goods and services. The marketing program allows online small businesses to attract affiliates who can market their goods and services. The program benefits both the online merchant and the affiliates. Affiliates earn commission for each sale based on an agreed rate, while the online merchant is able to boost its online sales.

3. Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is another great tool for small business owners to market their goods and services. They can market their products and services on popular media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ , Twitter, LinkedIn and various other sites. These sites attract million of online visitors from all over the world. Marketing on these social media sites can allow firms to funnel maximum amount of online traffic towards their site.

4. Google AdWords Tool

Online businesses can use Google AdWords tool to search for the most effective keywords for their website. They can make use of the digital marketing solution to find high impression (translates into high average monthly searches) and low competition key words to optimize their website. Implementing the keywords on the site will greatly help in improving search engine ranking of the website.

5. Mobile Marketing

Studies have shown that more people now access the net through their smartphones and tablets as compared to desktop PCs. With mobile marketing, you can effectively market your goods and services to the mobile users. The mobile advertising campaign is especially customized to display the ad on small screen of the smartphone users.

In the end, digital marketing solution greatly helps in marketing your small business online. ADLYTICA offers all the above digital marketing solutions that are customized for small business companies.