SEO + Digital Media Advertising: The Perfect Recipe for Online Success

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The online world is a cold place where the winner is usually the one that plays on numbers. Whether the number relates to attaining the number one position in search engine results, attracting maximum number of online visitors, or having a large number of social fans, the importance of numbers cannot be denied in the digital arena. And the two most potent tools to make number work for your include: SEO and Digital Media Marketing.

SEO is an acronym of search engine optimization. The term SEO means optimizing the website in a way that it gets noticed by the search engines. The end goal of every SEO campaign is to attain the top position in the search engine results page. And when SEO ties knots with digital media marketing, it can turn out to be an explosive combination for making your business a success.

Although the tools of digital marketing are different like PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising, video advertising, social media marketing, CPI (Cost per impression) campaigns; the goal is the same i.e. to attract maximum number of customers to the site. Below are some of the reasons why SEO and digital marketing advertising are better when used together.

1. Refine your Organic Search Strategy

Digital media advertising will help in refining the keywords used to rank your website. When you run PPC ads, you will know about relevant keywords that are trendy and popular among online visitors. You can use digital media advertising tools to refine your keywords list and increase effectiveness of your organic search ranking efforts.

2. Boost Online Social Media Signals

Gone are the days when in order to rank your website, you just had to stuff keywords in your website and appear at the top of search result page overnight. The search engines these days have become smarter, meaner, and tougher in setting requirements for search engine ranking. One such metric that is used by search engines is online social media signals.

The more popular your site on social media, the more importance will Google give to your site. Through digital social media marketing ads, you can improve all these social signals of your website. More specifically, every time a person tweets the URL contained in the ad, likes or shares the URL on Facebook or +1s on Google+, your ranking will automatically take a hit.

3. Leverage Information from PPC Ads for SEO

The third way digital advertising can help improve organic search engine ranking is through analyzing which ads resulted in maximum conversions. You can then use the information to update title tags, meta tags, and meta description of pages that you want to rank in search engine.

Bottom-line is that digital media marketing can certainly help boost online ranking of a website. When used effectively, it can serve as your ticket to reach the top of page of the website. Contact ADLYTICA if you want to benefit from SEO advantages of digital media advertising.

Why Select a Social Media Agency for Your Online Business?

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Did you know that about 1.4 billion people have their accounts on Facebook? And that Twitter has 284 million active users? And that the +1 button on Google+ is hit 5 billion times per day?

The above social media trends are certainly mind boggling to say the least. But the fact is that they are true. Social media sites have created a big bang in the new millennium. Most people now spend more time socializing online as compared to meeting up face to face.

And this trend represents nothing but good news for online business owner. Below are some of the ways online businesses can benefit from making their presence felt on the social media platform.

Maximum Reach and Visibility

Hiring a professional social media agency will work wonders in maximizing reach and visibility of the website. The digital social media company can help in growing your social media base through advertising. Online social media platform allows you to advertise people to like your social media page. You can effectively target the ad to attract genuine leads to your official social media page. The more the online social media fans, greater will be the reach and visibility of the website.

Promoting Goods and Service

Another way you can benefit from hiring a social media marketing company is promoting your goods and services through the social media page. The increased fan base created by implementing effective social media strategies will provide the perfect platform for advertising your goods. You can market your products and services to thousands of your social media fans. These fans will further share your promoted goods on their own profiles that will be seen by people in their own social circle. As a result, you can market your products or services to potentially millions of people through the online social media network.

Running Effective Marketing Campaigns

Social media platform offers you the perfect opportunity to market your goods and services. Using the online social media platform, you can run effective marketing campaigns for your goods and services. A professional social media-marketing agency will help you devise effective social media marketing strategies for running the ad campaigns.

Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)

Through expert guidance and advice of social media marketing agency, you can save cost on advertising the product to your targeted customers. You will know how to target your ads that result in maximum ROI (return on investment). Advertising to the right customers will help you in increasing the effectiveness of the social media ads, thereby saving cost on advertisement.

Building Brand Name

Finally, a social media-marketing agency can run effective brand building campaigns that will help you to win the hearts of your customers. The creative social media ads will present your online social media company in the best light to the online customers. You can greatly improve both brand image and reputation through the brand building ad campaigns in the social media platform.

ADLYTICA offers bespoke social media marketing packages for online businesses at affordable prices.

How to Measure Effectiveness of Digital Display Advertising?

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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

— John Wanamaker

The above quote represents one of the most common dilemmas with online advertising. Most online business owners don’t have a clue whether their digital display advertising campaign have been effective in terms of return on investment. They do not know how to measure effectiveness of the online display ads in attracting sufficient online visitors that justify the investment.

The importance of measuring effectiveness of the online digital ads cannot be emphasized enough. The obvious reason that you must measure the effectiveness of the online ad is to not only justify the investment, but also to adjust the advertisement strategy to ensure maximum generation of online traffic. Below are some tips on how to measure effectiveness of the online display ad.

1. Analyze Network Ad Report

The most obvious way to measure the effectives of the ad is through the ad report provided by the advertising network. For instance, in Google AdWords report shows the number of visitors that have clicked the ads and the conversion rate of the ads. Similar report is provided by other network platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and Yahoo! display advertising networks.

Using the reports you can measure instant updates about each keywords included in the advertising campaign. You can then adjust the ads either by increasing the bid amount, changing the advertised texts, or including additional keywords.

2. Track Your Website

Another way to measure effectiveness of the online ads is by installing a website tracking plug-in. Some website hosting companies provide basic tracking plug-in, but in most cases the information is not enough to get detailed information about the inbound traffic. You have to install a third party plug-ins to get detailed information about inbound traffic.

The tracking programs contain detailed reports that provide complete history of inbound traffic. You can find out about the number of online visitors that have visited the site, amount of time spent by the users on the site, and most importantly the source of the traffic. The traffic source will tell you how many visitors arrived at your site by clicking on the ad. You can then calculate whether amount invested in the display ad justify increase in the online traffic.

3. Look at Website Metrics

Metrics such as ROI, conversion rate, and click through rate provide helpful information about the display ads. You must look at these web metrics to determine the effectiveness of the online display ad. ROI refers to return on investment, conversion rate refers to the percentage of online traffic generated by the ad that purchased a product, while the click through rate is the number of people that clicked the display advertisement link. An expert web developer can develop and install the codes to measure these metrics.

On a final note, you can easily determine the effectiveness of the online ad by following the advice listed above. For online businesses, ADLYTICA offers bespoke display ad packages at affordable rates.

Digital Marketing 101: What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Do you want to make money by setting up an online business? That is certainly a good idea. The good thing is that you do not need much money to invest in the digital platform. And even if you don’t have any capital to invest at all, you can still make money in the online digital arena.

If you think we are talking about hacking into bank accounts of others to steal money, you are wrong. We certainly don’t endorse the unethical activity. What we are talking about here is Affiliate Marketing program that allows you to earn great amounts in the range of $1,000, $5,000, and even $10,000 a month.

So, what is affiliate marketing? What is the benefit of affiliate program? And most importantly, how do you earn money through this program? Here we will provide answers to all these question and more related to Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing: An Overview

Affiliate marketing is similar to traditional commission based sales where the seller receives a commission for making the sale. The same is the case with affiliate marketing on the web. You receive a commission for selling goods of a particular online merchant.

You can sell a wide range of goods and services through the affiliate program. The actual type of goods you have to sell to the consumers will depend on the online merchant that you choose for the affiliate program. For instance, you may be required to sell electronic products offered by the online merchants. In some cases you have to sell financial products. Still, some affiliate merchants deal with assortment of goods like food items, electronic goods, perfumes, crockery items, health products, etc.

The payment is made based on a mutually agreed fixed rate. The rate is mentioned in the affiliate contract that you sign with the merchant. Your commission will be based on the rate and the number of sales made during a particular period.

How can you Benefits from Affiliate Marketing?

The main benefit of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to spend any capital on setting up an online business. Moreover, you also do not have to pay any money for maintaining the inventory. This is best for individuals who are not in a position to obtain the required capital for setting up the business.

The only thing you have to do is to advertise the goods and services of the merchant. This can be done through digital advertising, creating a blog site, and various other means that do not involve much cost from your end.

How to Set up an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate marketing allows you get earn great amounts of money in the form of commissions. The actual amount you earn depends on a lot of factors. But what counts the most in the end is the type of affiliate marketing program you have selected to market your products and services and also the effort put into in marketing the goods to the consumers.

You can contact ADLYTICA if you want to sign for the best affiliate-marketing program that is most appropriate for you. The digital marketing company can connect you with a large number merchants that offer affiliate programs.

5 Best Creative Advertisement Ideas for Online Businesses

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Creating an online ad is not that hard. But crafting an ad that wows the viewers and compels them to click on the ad is not that easy either. Being unique in the crowd is what online advertising is all about. And this is even more important for in the digital arena. Why?

The answer is obvious. The web is saturated with thousands of websites all vying for the same customers. In order to get noticed you need to create an ad that is unique and interesting. You need to come up with creative advertisement ideas to capture attention of the users. Below are 5 such creative advertising ad that you can use to market your goods and services to online users.

1. Design Infographics Ads

The fact is that everyone prefers pictures to text. Creating infographics is the most creative way to market using pictures. Infographic ads are nothing more than creative images that advertise the product in a creative manner. These ads offer most appeal to the online users. You can join the ad with interesting information that relates to the product or services. This will not only promote your product but also impart information to the users.

2. Associate Adorable Character

Another great creative advertising tip is to associate adorable characters with your product or services. You must include the character in every digital advertisement. Moreover, you can also narrate stories that make the ad more appealing and interesting. The character that you create will become the brand ambassador of your product that will promote your product and services and endear it in the eyes of the customers.

3. Interactive 3D Ads

Another advertising idea for your ad is to create multimedia 3D ads. When users point towards the ad, they can interact with the animated ad. This is one of the most effective ways to make your ad get noticed among the various other ads. The best thing about 3D creative ads is that they can stay in the eyes of the users therefore creating the maximum impression on the users.

4. Narrate a Graphical Story

Every people whether old or new love to hear stories. And you can take advantage of the people’s fondness for stories by including it in your online ad. Creating ads that narrate graphical stories is the best way to capture attention of the online users. You can narrate graphical that relates to your products or services. The stories must incite emotions of the users. It should make them realize their need for the product and tell them how purchasing the product can improve the quality of their life.

5. Advertising Blog Posts

You can also cost effectively market your products by advertising blog posts instead of individual products. A single ad should offer the range of products to the consumers, and request them to visit the blog site to get more information. In the blog site you can provide detailed information about the products or services.

If you want to know more creative advertising ideas, you should visit

What Type of Services are Provided by a Digital Creative Agency?

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If you want your online business to be a success, you must market your services in the digital platform. And the best way to market your services to online users is through a digital creative agency. Digital creative agencies can craft creative ads that are targeted to online users. The fact is we live in an era where our lives are digitally connected.

Most of the people now use the digital platform to spend time online connecting with family and friends living in different locations. The net hosts billions of people from all over the world. And if you are an online business owner that wants to reach to these people, you need to hire a digital creative agency.

Here are some of the ways digital creative agency can help you in marketing your goods and services to online users.

Online Classified Ads

Classified advertisements are devoted to advertising various businesses to online users. You can use the classified ads to market your goods and services to online users. A digital creative agency can help you host your online ad on various classified ad platforms.

Advertising on these sites offer great online exposure for the goods and services as the classified ad network is frequented by online users for finding required goods and services. The best thing about advertising on the medium is that the every product or services is conveniently classified. This allows your products or services to be marketed to individuals that would be willing to buy goods and services from you.

Mobile Advertisement

Another invaluable service offered by digital creative agencies is mobile advertisement. Majority of people now use mobile to access the World Wide Web. Mobile advertisement offers the perfect platform to target these mobile users. The ads created for mobile advertising needs to be compatible with mobile screens. A professional digital creative agency can create mobile friendly ads that are targeted to mobile users.

Integrated Digital Ads

A professional digital creative agency provides integrated digital ads that are hosted on diverse platforms and devices. The ads that are marketing to different devices all follow similar themes. These ads are hosted in different devices such as mobile phones, desktop PCs, tablets, and others. Moreover, the ads are placed in different online platforms such as websites, search engine, social media pages, affiliate pages, and others.

The benefit of integrated digital advertising service is that the online ad gets to have maximum exposure. About millions of people can be reached using the integrated digital advertising. And this translates into increased online traffic and revenues for the online business.

Multimedia Online Ads

Creative advertising agencies can create interactive online ads that create the maximum impression with the online users. The digital creative agencies can create 3D online ads to capture attention of the online users. The ads can funnel maximum number of online users to the e-commerce website.

You can contact ADLYTICA for expert digital marketing services for you online business.

How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency for Your Business?

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There are plenty of marketing agencies around today and it is important that you choose the right one for your business. However, making that decision can be extremely tough and confusing, since there are so many different options out there. So how does a business choose a marketing agency that is right for its marketing needs? Here are some of the crucial things that you can do in order to ensure that you choose the right marketing agency for your business:

Pay Attention to How the Agency Understands Your Business Objectives

The right marketing agency for your business will generally be the one that is willing to go the extra mile and make efforts to understand the goals and objectives that you are trying to achieve. They will not only make efforts to get to know you but will also try to learn about your business and market in order to develop the right marketing strategy for your business.

You can easily tell when someone is genuinely taking interest to what you have to say and you can gauge their level of commitment by the steps they take to ensure that the desired result is achieved. So make sure that you hire the services of a marketing agency that understands your business objectives.

Ask about their Plans for Identifying Your Needs and Meeting them

The right marketing agency will not only help identify your needs properly but will also ensure that they are met. You should ask them questions about their intended plan of action and how they feel about helping you meet your objectives. The good advertising agencies will know exactly how to go about developing a marketing campaign that will be suited for your market.

So make sure that the agency that you choose for your marketing campaign is one that has got the best plans and ideas for helping you meet all your goals and objectives.

Find Out if they are Capable of Working on Complex Assignments

Another crucial aspect of finding the right marketing agency today is by checking their potential of dealing with adversity and handling complex projects. Make sure that you hire the services of a marketing agency that can offer you marketing campaigns that involve several media channels. This will mean that not only will your business grow faster but it will also produce results that are guaranteed to provide more exposure for your brand, products and services.

Check Samples of their Work

The easiest way to select a marketing agency that is right for you is by checking their sample work or any other previous work that they have done for their clients. There are many different styles of creating advertisements so choose a marketing agency that is unique and has got the vision as well as the craft to provide you with the desired marketing campaign for your industry.

If you want to learn more about how to select a marketing agency that is right for your business, visit today.


The Best Ideas for Small Business Marketing on a Budget

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If you have a small business and want to get the most out of your marketing campaigns on a limited budget, things can often be tough. It is not easy to build a formidable marketing campaign and while the large name companies have got the budget and the advertising support, it is the small businesses that are unable to make a name for themselves due to limited resources. The competition in every industry is fever pitch and if you want to make a name for your business in the market, then you will have to come up with ideas that allow you to build a marketing campaign on a budget.

Fortunately for you, this is where we excel and we have decided to provide you with the best ideas for small business marketing on a budget. It can not only help your business survive in the industry but may also give the big boys a run for their money. So here are the best ideas for small business marketing on a budget:

Start Engaging Your Followers:

It is important to build a formidable following on social media if you really want your business to get to the next level. This is easier said than done, since you will have to do some research and find what the audience in your industry prefers and what they want from businesses. However, one of the best ways to ensure that your marketing campaigns are a success is through engaging your followers and staying relevant in their minds. This will ensure that whenever you launch a new product or promote your services, the customers will not hesitate to purchase them.

Build Your Brand on Social Media Platforms:

If your small business doesn’t have enough budgets to make flashy advertisements with big name superstars the next best thing you can do to gain exposure is to build your brand on social media platforms. This means being relevant on the biggest social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. This will ensure that you are a household name and will allow you to target consumers from all across the world fairly easily, without having to make expensive advertisements. If you manage to build your brand and gain followers on social media your marketing campaigns are bound to be successful.

Publish what People Want:

This means understanding your audience and giving them what they want. Do your research and find out the most popular searches on Google and what consumers in your market are looking for. This will provide you with valuable information and you can promote your products and services with a higher chance of attaining success. It will also allow you to make products and services that are designed according to the needs and wants of your customers. Every major business wants to be relevant and if you publish content that people want, it will gain you more followers faster.

If you want to learn more about business marketing, visit today.


Important Ways to Get More from Digital Advertising Today

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Digital advertising is the future of marketing and businesses need to constantly learn about new ways in which they can market their products and services more efficiently. The competition is getting tougher as more businesses start to adopt digital advertising trends and start spending more on their marketing campaigns. The figures taken from surveys recently suggest that spending on digital advertising has grown by more than 80% in the last 5 years and that figure is expect to double in the next 2 years alone.

The vast potential of digital advertising today has made it imperative that companies look for different ways in order to unlock their full potential. There are plenty of strategies that businesses can put into place and some of the very best to get the most out of digital advertising today:

Killing the Average

It is important to research on keyword optimization and search engine marketing in order to get better returns on investment from your digital advertising campaigns. It is very common for businesses to use thousands of keywords in order to ensure that the content on their website ranks higher on search engines and they get the most results. However, it is estimated that more than half the keywords that companies run in their digital advertising campaigns are useless and don’t need to be used. They not only waste time but the resources and money of the company as well, which is why companies need to research on keywords and then take out the averages of the best performing keywords in their industry before using them in their digital advertising campaigns.

Measuring Impact on the Bottom Line

Digital marketing teams generally tend to focus more on the number of purchases that they have made for their marketing campaigns. However, this is not the best way to gauge the performance of a digital advertising campaign and companies need to focus more on gross margins and the calculated lifetime value of the advertisements that the company uses in order to promote their products and services. This way the business can focus on retaining the best performing purchases and therefore generate more revenue without impacting their marketing budget.

Develop Uniform Marketing Systems

The majority of companies that are marketing their products and services through digital advertising are increasing every single year and that figure will only go up. This means that the existing companies will have to develop uniform marketing systems that will not only hand over the advantage to them but will also ensure that they are able to market their products and services better. It is important to have a unified cost model that ensures the company knows where it is spending more money and where it can save money whilst still having the advantage of making better decisions.

If you want to learn more about digital advertising and how you can get the most out of it, then visit today for further information on the matter.


5 Mobile Marketing Solutions to Look for When Selecting a Digital Marketing Company

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Every online business needs to devise a mobile marketing strategy to promote goods and services to mobile users. The reason is that more people today use smartphones to access the net as compared to desktop PCs. Mobile searches have increased at a geometric rate over the years. Due to the growing number of people that use mobile to access the net, Google the search engine giant released an update that gave more preference to mobile friendly sites.

Marketing on mobile platform is similar to making ads for desktop PCs. However, you have more variety when it comes to mobile marketing. Below are 5 mobile marketing solutions you must look for when selecting a digital marketing company.

1. Mobile Social Media Marketing

The digital marketing company must provide social media marketing solution. Social media are sites that people use to connect with their friends, family, office colleagues and various other people in the online arena. Millions of people have their profile on the social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Facebook is the number one social media site that has around a billion social media “fans”. These social media sites provide the perfect opportunity for companies to market their goods and services.

Since most of the individuals use their mobile devices to access social media sites, you can target these individuals using the mobile advertising. A digital marketing company can offer you the right mobile marketing tools to advertise and promote your products on the mobile devises.

2. App Marketing

Apart from browsing, most people use mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets. You can reach these individuals by utilizing the mobile marketing tools offered by digital marketing companies. You don’t have to create an app to advertise through this medium.

A number of ad networks allow you to advertise your products and services on the mobile app. For instance, Google Mobile App allows online business owners to advertise their services on the mobile apps. Facebook also offers mobile app advertising and promotional tools.

3. Location Based Mobile Marketing

The third mobile marketing you should look for is location based mobile marketing. This marketing ad simply means targeting ads to people based on their geographic location. Through this method, you can target the ads according to country, city, locality, and towns. In some cases, advertisers can also market to people within just 1 mile radius from a specific location.

4. Mobile Image Ads

Another effective marketing solution is image based ads. The image ads appear on the mobile devices of users. These ads appear on various places such as websites, search results page, and within game and mobile apps.

5. Mobile Video Ads

Finally, you must select a company that offers mobile video ads for the users. Mobile video ads are similar to mobile image ads except they are in the form of videos. The ads run on popular video sites such as YouTube, Daily motion, and various other marketing mediums.

ADLYTICA offers customized mobile marketing solutions for both large and small companies.

Digital Marketing Strategy: The Cornerstone of Online Business Success

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An effective digital marketing strategy has become an essential ingredient for online business’s success. Digital marketing strategy is the base or platform that supports the very existence of an online marketing company. Without an effective digital marketing strategy, a company cannot connect with customers and generate large enough traffic for the e-commerce website.

By hiring a digital marketing agency, online businesses can leverage the opportunity present in the digital super highway to maximize reach and visibility of the company. Below are some of the ways digital marketing agencies can help online businesses in developing effective digital marketing strategies.

1. Generate Genuine Online Traffic

The foremost benefit of partnering with a digital marketing company is that it helps in generating qualified and genuine online leads. All the individuals that visit your site are potential leads. But not all of them are qualified leads which refer to individuals that are genuinely interested in the products or services offered online.

2. Increase Conversion Rates

The more qualified leads visit your websites the greater is the chance that they will make purchase from the website. This in effect means higher conversion rates of the website. The conversion rate is the context of online website means the percentage of online visitors that made the purchase. When a large number of qualified leads visit the website, the conversion rate of the website will be high leading to improved profitability and revenues.

3. Save Cost in Promoting Goods

Another great benefit of an effective digital marketing strategy is that it saves a lot of cost in marketing goods and services to online audiences. An experienced digital marketing company knows how to target the ads effectively. The ads can be targeted based on the demographic profile of the customers. In other words, the ads can be targeted based on customer location, age, and profession and even industry. This increased control in targeting the ads saves great cost and increase ROI (return on investment) of marketing campaigns.

4. Manage Brand Building Marketing Campaigns

A digital marketing agency can devise effective marketing strategies to promote and improve brand image of the company. The marketing campaigns can be built around a specific value proposition that allows the company to improve its image in the eyes of its targeted customers. Improved brand image of the company will increase goodwill and trust of the company leading to increased revenues and sales.

5. 3600 Marketing Efforts

Last and the most important benefit of developing marketing strategies in partnership with a digital marketing company is integrated, focused marketing efforts that bring results. The digital marketing company can create an integrated online marketing effort by leveraging social media, P.R., blogs, network ad campaigns to generate maximum online traffic for the company.

At the end of the day, an online business cannot survive for long without an effective digital marketing agency. The task of developing marketing strategy in the digital domain is certainly not easy. You must better left this task at the hand of experts who have years of experience in leveraging online marketing strategy for business success. ADLYTICA offers bespoke digital marketing strategies tailored to the needs of online businesses.

Importance of Developing an Effective Online Marketing Strategy for Online Businesses

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Importance of Developing an Effective Online Marketing Strategy for Online Businesses

The best thing about online business is that it does not require much capital to setup and operate the business. The ease of setting up a business online has attracted a number of budding entrepreneurs in offering their goods and services to the clients.

However, a problem in having a business in the digital superhighway is that it’s difficult to generate enough online traffic for your site. Think about it. There are thousands of e-commerce websites on the net. Most of these sites offer similar products to the customers. The intense competition in the online arena makes it extremely difficult for online business owners to attract qualified leads on their own.

Hiring the services of a company that offers digital marketing services becomes indispensible in such situations. A professional digital marketing company can develop an effective online marketing strategy for your websites that results in generating maximum possible online visitors for your site.

Below are some of the ways that online marketing companies can help in devising effective marketing strategies for online firms.

Promote Websites for Maximum Online Visibility

A digital marketing company can devise effective marketing strategy to effectively market your products and services. The company can help you utilize the best online marketing tools for boosting online presence of your website. You can market your online business on sites that attract millions of online visitors such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and various other sites.

Create Marketing Campaigns

Another ways the digital marketing company can help your online business is in creating targeting marketing campaigns for your site. You will have total control over the location, time and cost of the ads. The marketing campaigns allow you to target specific locations (country, city, town etc.) where you want to promote your goods and services. You can easily set the ads to run for a specific duration such as a week or month as required. In addition, you can set the budget limit for the ad after which the marketing campaign will close automatically.

Build Social Media Network

An effective digital marketing strategy includes growing the number of people in your official social media sites. Large number of online visitors not only gives you a large customer base to market your product and services, it also allows you to improve online ranking of the e-commerce site.

Optimize Website for Ranking

As mentioned in previous point, you can improve online ranking of your website through growing your social media fans in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other network. Google use social media metrics to estimate popularity of the website. Large number of online fans will certainly help in improving search engine raking of your website.

Finally, the large number of online visitors generated by running network campaigns will also help in pushing your website to the top of the rankings. The reason is that search engine automatically increases rankings of sites that attract large number of online visitors. ADLYTICA offers the best online marketing strategy for both small and large online businesses.

5 Best Digital Marketing Solution for Online Small Businesses

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E-commerce businesses must constantly advertise their products to generate maximum number of online visitors. The more visitors that visit the site, greater will be the sales from the site. The opposite is true in case the website receives little online traffic.

Online small businesses can use various digital marketing solutions to market their business to targeted customers. The online marketing solutions offer small business firms to funnel large amount of visitors towards their sites.

Below are 5 best digital marketing solutions that can help online small businesses in generating qualified leads for their site.

1. Network Ad Campaign

Online small business owners can greatly benefit from the network ad campaign. Through network ad you can market your business in high traffic websites such as, Google Search, Google+, and various other websites.

There are two types of network ad program: PPC (Pay per click) and PPI (Pay per Impression). The former charges you for each clicks made by the user, while the later bills you based on each time the ad shows on the customers screen. There is another networking ad type called Pay per Install (PPI). This network ad is targeted for online app developer firms that host Android or iPhone apps to the users.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another digital marketing solution that small businesses can leverage to market their goods and services. The marketing program allows online small businesses to attract affiliates who can market their goods and services. The program benefits both the online merchant and the affiliates. Affiliates earn commission for each sale based on an agreed rate, while the online merchant is able to boost its online sales.

3. Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is another great tool for small business owners to market their goods and services. They can market their products and services on popular media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ , Twitter, LinkedIn and various other sites. These sites attract million of online visitors from all over the world. Marketing on these social media sites can allow firms to funnel maximum amount of online traffic towards their site.

4. Google AdWords Tool

Online businesses can use Google AdWords tool to search for the most effective keywords for their website. They can make use of the digital marketing solution to find high impression (translates into high average monthly searches) and low competition key words to optimize their website. Implementing the keywords on the site will greatly help in improving search engine ranking of the website.

5. Mobile Marketing

Studies have shown that more people now access the net through their smartphones and tablets as compared to desktop PCs. With mobile marketing, you can effectively market your goods and services to the mobile users. The mobile advertising campaign is especially customized to display the ad on small screen of the smartphone users.

In the end, digital marketing solution greatly helps in marketing your small business online. ADLYTICA offers all the above digital marketing solutions that are customized for small business companies.

7 Top Affiliate Programs to Earn Money in the Digital Platform

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective, and affordable ways to setup an online business. The marketing concept allows affiliates to earn up to $10,000 per month or even more by selling products or services of an online merchant. Individuals can setup affiliate-marketing business without spending much on setting up an affiliate program.

However, you must note that affiliate marketing is not that easy as it had been in the past. The affiliate marketing landscape has become ultra competitive. The market is saturated with affiliates that market similar products to the customers.

In such a situation, how can you make money through an affiliate-marketing program?

The answer is to select the most profitable affiliate programs that offer big bucks to the affiliates. Below we have compiled a list of 7 best affiliate programs through which you can make great money.

  1. Amazon

Amazon has a range of products and services that you can offer to the customers. The affiliate marketing program offered by Amazon serves as an entry point for most affiliates.

  1. Themes Marketplace

Themes Marketplace offers a great affiliate program. The company offers professional website templates to website developers. You can sign up for the affiliate program to earn great commission by selling their product online.

  1. EBay Partner Network

EBay Partner Network provides all the required tools that make it easy for affiliates to sell goods and services. The affiliate program is popular among affiliates due to strong online presence of the company.

  1. ClickBank

ClickBank offers a huge library of products targeted to millions of people all over the world. The affiliate program is popular among beginner affiliates. The company keeps evolving its affiliate rules and disclosures to ensure maximum effectiveness of the affiliate program.

  1. Google Affiliate Network

Google affiliate network provides great support to help affiliates increase online sales and monetize their traffic with the ads. The affiliate program is a PPA (pay per action) network that offers commission to the affiliates for driving conversions i.e. leads or sales. You need to create a Google Adsense account to post ads on the affiliate blog or website.

  1. eVerify

eVerify is a best affiliate program for background check program. The program offers handsome commission to the sellers. Affiliates earn great amount of money on making the sale. A number of marketing tools are provided to the affiliates such as keywords for running pay per click campaign, readymade videos that you can upload in video sites, articles to post on article categories and much more.

  1. U.S. Medical Supplies

Lastly, U.S. Medical Supplies is a great affiliate program that offers great commission on sales. Affiliates can choose different types of medical equipment and supplies to sell to individuals. The affiliate program is best for people who have kept a blog that relates to medical supplies and equipment for domestic households.

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Digital Marketing Review: What is Pay Per Install (PPI) Marketing?

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The mobile app industry is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of advertising through mobile apps. Mobile app advertising leverages the organic and paid marketing medium to provide benefits to the app developers. More and more developers are using the online ad platform to market their apps to their target market.

One of the latest trends in digital advertising for app developers is pay per install or PPI. The term simply refers to paying for every install made by the users. This is similar to pay per click (PPC) advertising that online businesses use to promote their products and services. Here we will provide detailed information about the PPI concept and the ways developers can benefit from the app advertising.

Pay-Per-Install (PPI): An Overview

Pay per install is a digital marketing technique that involves promoting mobile games and apps to mobile users. The concept of PPI is similar to PPC (pay per click) advertising, as the advertisers are charged based on the number of users that click on the ad.

However, PPI advertising is focused to mobile app developers who want to sale their apps to the consumers. The developers are charged for every install made by the user on their phone. Similar to PPC advertising, PPI advertising results in increased conversion rates of the apps. The cost paid for advertising the app can be easily made up by increased sales of the app. This creates a win-win situation for both advertising networks and the app developers.

PPI advertising is now being offered by various popular display ad networks. Google had started offering PPI advertising option a while back on its AdWords display network. Now, Facebook is also offering PPI advertising to app developers.

Facebook PPI ads are displayed in the online feeds of the users. The PPI ads are been shown as suggested apps for the users. And the fact that the social media site is used by billions of people all over the world means that app developers can greatly boost the reach of their apps on these advertising platforms.

Final Words!

App advertising is evolving with time as the mobile app market is maturing. Mobile apps are in great demand all over the world. Millions, if not billions, of people now possess smartphones. The increased proliferation of these phones among the masses has created great opportunities for firms to increase their reach and revenues.

This is the reason a lot of traditional marketing networks – including Google AdWords – are entering unchartered territory and offering innovative ways to market the apps. Pay per Install (PPI) is one way that firms are reaching out to growing number of mobile phone users.

Pay per Install advertising provides greater visibility and control over the ads. With PPI advertising, you decide where the ads are placed and how the ad is displayed. This increases effectiveness of the online ad as well as ROI (return on investment) of the ad.

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Search Marketing: 3 Top Tips for Digital Marketing in Google Search

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Google search is the behemoth of search engine that attracts billions of users a month from all around the world. There is no denying about the phenomenal popularity of the search engine among online visitors. People use the search engine to search for information, find places, browse images, and for various other purposes.

One of the most popular uses of the search engine is in researching about products or services before making a purchase decision. This gives online business owners great opportunity to connect with qualified customers that are more likely to purchase a product or service. Here we will provide you with 3 best search marketing tips for online businesses.

1. Know Your Target Market

Before you use search marketing to promote your products or services, you must determine the target market for the ad. The good thing about search marketing is that you can effectively target the ads based on country, city, town, and other location metrics. This ensures that you target the right people who are more likely to purchase what you are offering.

Targeting ads in this way also increases the conversion rate of the digital search ad. Conversion rate simply refers to the percentage of people that made the purchase after clicking on the ad. Targeting search marketing ads can certainly boost conversion rates of the ads.

2. Select the Right Keywords

The second most important advice in search marketing is to choose the right keywords for the online ad. Know that apart from location, customers are also targeted using relevant keywords. Simply put, it means that the ad displayed on the screen of users that typed your keywords in the search bar. In order to increase the effectiveness of the online search ad, you must select the right keywords that are related to the website.

Google Keywords tool is the best when it comes to searching for high impression keywords that relate to your website. You just have to enter your site in the keyword search box and you will be presented with a list of highly relevant keywords relevant to your website. The ideal keyword is one with low competition and high impression.

Note that impression of the keyword means average number of times people entered the term in the search box in a month. On the other hand, keyword competition means the demand for the keyword among competitors.

3. Make Smart Bidding

The third most important tip for search marketing is to make smart bidding for the keywords. Bidding in digital marketing context means the costs per click or impression of the keyword. The higher you bid for the keywords, higher it will appear on the search result pages. But you must bid smartly when it comes to bidding for the keywords. You should manually place bids for keywords that have medium competition with around 10,000 to 15,000 average monthly searches. Instead of bidding for one or more high impression keywords, you must bid for a large number of these keywords to gain the most benefit from search marketing.

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3 Top Trends in Digital Marketing Services in 2015

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The digital technology has been consistently evolving since its inception. New trends and methods are always evolving that change the digital landscape. Companies that stay up to date with the evolving trends benefit the most from digital technologies.

Digital marketing service is one of the evolved outcomes of digital technology. With digital marketing services, companies can effectively market their goods and services to online consumers. Advertising on the digital platform costs little as compared to the cost of placing ads on traditional advertising medium.

Last year, various new trends were experienced in the digital marketing. Companies that were able to exploit the emerging trends in digital marketing made the most benefit from digital advertising. In the year 2015, various new trends were also experienced in digital market platform. Here we take a look at 3 emerging trends in digital marketing that every online business owner must know.

Mobile Friendly Online Ads

An important trend in digital marketing arena is increased focus on being mobile friendly. Whether advertising is being done through website or digital network, marketers these days are increasingly focusing on making ads more mobile friendly. The reason for the trend is that most people now access the web through mobile devices rather than the desktop PCs. Ads that are targeted for desktop PCs do not appear correctly on small screens of mobiles devices.

The digital ad display networks are incorporating additional features that make it easy for firms to target mobile users. You can select various options to create and target ads that look the best on mobile screens.

Design Creativity

Another emerging trend among digital marketing services is increased use of 3D animated image ads. The 3D image ads look like as if they are coming out of the screen, which surely helps in grabbing attention of the mobile users. In addition, a number of online ads now incorporate videos. When the user hovers the mouse over to the ad, the movie starts playing that displays the ad. Both these emerging trends have been shown to increase effectiveness of the digital ads.

Customized Digital Marketing Service

Finally, the firms that provide digital marketing services to the clients are now providing customized customer service. Availability of increased options in digital marketing has allowed digital market service providers to up their game and offer fully customized services that are targeted to the individual websites. This ensures maximum effectiveness of online digital ads that help in improving bottom-line of the company.

On an ending note, the year 2015 is defining new norms in digital marketing services. The shift towards targeting mobile devices can be said to be the most significant trend in digital marketing. The number of users that use mobile platform to access the net is increasing every month. And this fact has been acknowledged by the search engine giant Google as it released an algorithm update of its search engine that favors mobile friendly site.

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Understanding the Difference Between Pay per Impression and Pay Per Click Advertising

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Digital advertising allows you to market your online goods and services to the customers. The digital advertising platform allows you to funnel large number of online customers towards your site. Effective digital marketing strategies can greatly boost revenues of your online business. The trick is to use the right tools and target the right places in the digital super highway.

Many people new to online marketing are confused about the terms Pay per Impression (PPI) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Both are costing methods for displaying ads online. However, the way they charge for displaying the ads is different. Here we will provide you complete information about the two types of advertising medium and which one is better for online businesses.

PPI vs. PPC: The Basic Concept

The best way to learn about the difference between the two digital advertising costing methods is to know about the underlying concept behind them.

PPI or Pay Per Impression is a digital ad costing method that charges each time the ad displays on the users’ screen. This is similar to traditional video ads that are charged for the number of times they appear on the screen. Also, similar to traditional video ads that are charged based on popularity of the program where they are aired, the cost for PPI ad depends on popularity of the keywords for which they are optimized. The more people type the keyword when searching for the ad, the greater is the cost per impression of the ad.

PPC or pay per click advertising is also a digital ad costing method where instead of being charged for number times the ad appears on the screen you are charged for the number of times the ad is clicked by the user. This is an effective way of costing ads in the advertising media. The more the people click on the ads, greater is the overall cost of the pay per click advertising. The cost per click in PPC also depends on the demand of the keywords. The more popular the keywords, greater will be the cost per click of the keyword.

Making the Right Decision: Which is Better Digital Ad Costing Method?

A number of factors determine which digital ad costing method is better of the two. Some firms benefit more from PPI digital ads, while others benefit the most from PPC ads. The deciding factor that determines which type of digital ad is preferable depends on the budget and objective for digital marketing of products or services.

The cost per impression for PPI is generally less as compared to cost per click in PPC advertising. However, conversion rate of PPI advertising is also less in comparison to PPC advertising. Users that click on PPC ads are those that are generally interested in the companies advertised products.

The same is not the case with PPI advertising. The latter is preferable advertising media when the company sales food items and other products that are generally preferred by consumers. For specialty goods, PPC ads are more preferable as compared to PPI digital marketing ads.

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5 Effective Tips for Digital B2B Marketing

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B2B (business to business) marketing means promoting and selling goods to other businesses. This contrasts with business to consumer marketing where the end users are the individuals. In B2B marketing, the product is usually used by other businesses for their own operations.

A B2B marketing plan is slightly different than marketing plan targeted to individuals. With B2B marketing, the companies aim to build long lasting relationship, instead of just promoting goods to the individuals. The audience is not as wide as traditional marketing. Instead it targets the few selected customers using very limited advertising medium.

Here you will learn how to employ B2B marketing strategies to build long term relationship with the targeted customers.

1. Focus on Drawing Attention to Product or Service Quality

In consumer marketing, the main emphasis of the ad is in arousing emotions of the individuals. On the other hand, in B2B marketing, the main aim is to identify quality and value of the products and services. The decision made by businesses is made on quality instead of price. So, the digital ad you create should place emphasis on the quality of products or services.

2. Inform about Cost Saving Benefit to the Business

Unlike consumers, businesses are not that much concerned about the price. Their main concern is whether the product or service will allow them to save cost or increase productivity. When creating B2B digital ads you must write texts or create image ads that show revenue generation and cost optimization benefit of the products or services.

3. Display Ads in the Right Place

With ads for consumer goods, the preferences are social sites where people visit to socialize and connect with others. For B2B digital marketing, you must target sites that are frequently visited by professionals. For instance, placing ads on LinkedIn will increase the chance that it will catch attention of business professionals. Business professionals use LinkedIn for connecting with other professionals. You can place the ad on sites similar to the professional site for advertising.

4. Target Industry Online Forums and Group Pages

Most business professionals visit online forums and group pages that relates to the industry. A number of industry group pages are present on social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc. Apart from that, there are online forums that host discussions related to business industry. Placing ads in these online forums and group pages will maximize the chances of being found by corporate people.

5. Make use of EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) Marketing

EDM or electronic direct mail marketing is another effective way to reach business customers. EDM allows you to feature your ad within a third party email campaign. This is usually the case with association or trade driven ad campaigns that target business professionals. This is similar to direct email marketing with the difference that you advertise through third party list.

On a final note, the marketing platform for B2B advertising remains the same as that used for marketing to consumers. However, the ads are targeted differently. The above tips will help in targeting business consumers who would be interested in using your products or services.

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Digital Marketing Guide: How Can You Display Ads in Mobile Apps?

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Did you know that you could advertise within mobile apps to market your products or services? Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become an essential part of life for most individuals all over the world. Most people these days use their mobile devices to connect with family members, friends, and relatives.

As the wind changes, you must adjust the sails. Similarly, you must adjust your online marketing strategy and start targeting mobile phone users. And you have two ways to target mobile users: display ads on websites, and display ads in mobile apps.

Mobile website ads are shown when online visitors enter the website using mobile devices. On the other hand, mobile apps are ads that are shown within the mobile application. Here we will show you how to display ads within mobile apps.

Mobile Ads within Apps: An Overview

Apart from browsing the net, most people use mobile apps to perform a number of tasks like reading books, playing video games, and making schedules. You can target users that use apps related to your business by displaying ads within the app screen.

You can display the ads on mobile apps through selecting appropriate options on the ad platform. Google AdWords, for instance, allows you to display the ad on the screen through Display of Search Network campaigns.

You don’t have to make app yourself to display the ad. The mobile ad network automatically displays the ad on the different apps. The ad platform allows you to advertise on all those platforms that are included in its display network. You can also track performance of the ads that are displayed on the mobile apps.

Tips for Running Ads in Mobile Apps

You must make sure that the ad shows in apps that are related to the products or services that you offer on the website. This will ensure that the mobile app targets the right users that are more likely to purchase your products or services.

The more relevant the mobile app on which you advertise, greater is the chance that qualified users will visit your website. Otherwise, the users would either ignore the message, or if they do click on the ad, chances are that they will not purchase the product.

Also, keep in mind that the mobile ad should display correctly in the mobile app. You must preview the ad on screen before making it online for displaying within the mobile app.

In conclusion, most people these days spend more time on their mobiles. In order to get their attention, you need to create ads that display on their mobile devices. One way to achieve this goal is to display the ads on users’ screen when they visit websites. The other more effective way to reach mobile users is to display ads within the apps. You can boost online presence significantly by displaying ads within mobile apps.

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